Sunday, July 17, 2011

Richmond Exhibition Pictures

Finally my computer issues are resolved and here are photos from the preview of the Faberge exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  Not only has the Virginia's Pratt Faberge Collection been displayed in a beautiful new layout, pieces from the Matilda Geddings Gray Foundation, Hillwood and McFerrin Collections are also on loan for this viewing.

Fan ca. 1890 (Mikhail Perkhin)

Firescreen-style enamel & precious metals frame

Lilies of the Valley Basket 1896 (Augusst Holmstrom)

Theo's father ran the London Faberge operation

Silver Monumental Kovsh from the Faberge Moscow workshop

Napoleonic Egg 1912 (Henrik Wigstrom); Matilda Geddings Gray Foundation Collection

Nobel Egg (designed by Alma Theresa Pihl)

Pelican Egg (Mikhail Perkhin) 1897

Peter the Great Egg (Mikhail Perkhin) 1903

Peter the Great Egg has miniature portraits of Tsar Peter and Nicholas II on the exterior

Red Cross Egg with Portraits 1915

Revolving Miniatures Egg 1896

Hardstone Zarnitsa Sailor figure

Tsesarevich Egg 1912 (modern base)

Note the rear view of the surprise portrait is the back of Aleksei's head

Contemporary work in Museum lobby was gathering point for the group, what a contrast w/Faberge!

Museum director Alex Nyerges hosted a lovely breakfast for the group but we all crowded towards the stairwell leading down to the galleries filled with Faberge!  Everyone was so excited, including authors and experts who have devoted their entire lives' work to Faberge.

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